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San Diego Cupcakes Reviews - Find Reviews of San Diego Cupcake Bakers, bakery menus, hours, prices on the Cupcake Blog.

Yummy Cupcakes - San Diego CA

on 07/12/2014 - 09:52 pm

Cupcakes in San Diego - Yummy Cupcakes Bakery Shop
Cupcakes come in many shapes, colors, flavors, and even sizes. Cupcakes have many fans, mostly women and kids. These cakes in a cup attracted most of their fans with their cute appearance. The increased popularity of the cupcakes made some bakers to open shops that sell only cupcakes. One of these bakeries is Yummy Cupcakes® from San Diego.
Yummy Cupcakes® bakery operates since 2004 when it was founded by Tiffini, with the help of her husband and mother. The name of the shop is accredited to the couple’s son. All the sweets are created and baked daily from scratch using in-season ingredients. Yummy Cupcakes®’ cupcak ...

California Cupcakes

on 03/29/2014 - 10:10 pm

California Cupcakes Bakery Shops
Where to Find the BEST Cupcakes in California?
Cupcake Monster’s Cupcake Maps was launched specifically to satisfy your most significant cupcake, cake, and/or pastry sweet tooth. became the first website to include an all-encompassing array of dessert services BOTH for cupcake lovers and for cupcake bakeries. 
Easily Find California Cupcake Shops, Cake Bakeries
The Cupcake Monster Maps mission is to satisfy cupcake lovers and cupcake bakers all over the world.  Desserts fiends can easily find the nearest dessert spot online and via our FREE iPhone and Android mobile apps, get bakery deals, network with others, link th ...

Cupcake Monster and Launch New Charity Cupcake Monster's Cupcakes For Kids

on 03/29/2014 - 02:52 pm

"Cupcake Monster's Cupcakes For Kids mission is to give youngsters cupcakes, kids clothes, and stuffed animals to help them grow into adjusted mature people. It is for his reason that decided to cooperate with Cupcake Monster, a non profit with a history of helping kids all over the country!"
Cupcake Monster's Cupcakes For Kids, a national cupcake gift donation charity, is joining forces with philanthropic, to give kids cupcakes, stuffed animals, and clothing. The clothes and toys will be disseminated via and the cupcakes will be delivered via, he Yelp for cupcakes and cakes.
"The Cupcake Monster's Cupcakes For Kids ...

Cupcake Monster Approved Stickers

on 12/20/2013 - 11:59 am

Distinguish Your Cupcake / Cake Shop for Effective Marketing 
Cupcake Monster Approved was established by the cupcake Monster as a way to recognize outstanding cupcake bakery shops, cake bakes and correlate ratings and reviews of bakeries by sweet tooth lovers!  The store to receive this honor was Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach.  Since then only 14 shops in the United States have received this honor.  You can search the recipients of the approved stickers.  
These shops can proudly display the sticker shown below:

Effective Cupcake Marketing Strategy
The reviews and ratings are tightly integrated into Google's search engin ...

San Diego Cupcake Bakery Shops

on 11/19/2013 - 12:46 am

If you have a craving for cupcakes that can't be satisfied by any store-bought cupcakes, then it's time you consider driving to one of these bakery shops to satisfy your cupcake craving. These San Diego shops are not only trained and equipped to fill your tummy with the flavor of the best cupcakes in the San Diego area, but they are filled with plenty of other desserts and confectionary treats. There's something here for just about everyone. With such a wide range of products and flavors, you won't find better cupcakes anywhere else.
Here are a few cupcake reviews of the bakery shops in the San Diego area.
Yummy Cupcakes San Diego CA: This cupcake bakery is designed to keep ...

CUPCAKE REVIEWS: San Diego Bakery Reviews

on 10/28/2013 - 09:01 pm

San Diego Cupcake Bakers


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1. Baby Cakes San Diego CA
Cakes, Bakery, California Cupcakes


Baby Cakes San Diego CA Find cupcakes and cakes; Your favorite shops write a cupcake review, get cupcake deals, share with friends through facebook, twitter and pinterest

3766 5th Ave,  92103
phone: view phone(619) 296-4173


2. Baked By Etta San Diego CA
Cakes, Bakery, California Cupcakes

&nb ...