Peanut-butter and Banana Cupcakes

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Great Recipe: Peanut-butter and Banana Cupcakes
It may sound like an odd combination, but just like peanut butter and jelly do wonders together, so does peanut butter and bananas- both on a sandwich and in a cupcake. Combine bananas, sour cream along with other cupcake ingredients for a delicious cupcake topped with a frosting of peanut butter and cream cheese. Sandwiches and cupcakes can surprise you with the marriage of these flavors. 
Source Sprinkle Charms

Banana Cream Cupcakes

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Delicious Banana Cupcake Recipes
Can you appreciate a delicous banana cupcake?  How about stuffed with a cream cheese filling and topped salted caramel that adds some extra special tastes to this delectible pastry treat.  It’s hard to resist the perfect banana cupcake. These, combined with their cream cheese filling and salted caramel frosting may just be not only “perfect” but also irresistible. The cupcake cakes consists of a precise mixture of wheat flour, unsweetend apple sauce, smashed bananas, vanilla extract, buttermilk, a dash of salt.  The end result is a totally to die for cupcake that can be made for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, we ...

Sprinkles' Strawberry Cupcakes

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Do you live far from Sprinkles?  But love their cupcakes?  Check out these Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes!  The batter contains milk, vanilla, and strawberry puree to combine for a delicious mix of well prepared ingredients to bake.  These are suer easy to make AND they taste absolutely delicious.  My daughter LOVES these cupcakes!  pureed strawberries, salt, milk, baking powder, flour, vanilla extract, butter, sugar and eggs. Simple, right? Top with Sprinkles' Strawberry Frosting, which contains even more strawberries, along with the standard buttercream base ingredients, like butter, salt, sugar and vanilla extract. Then serve these tasty desserts after they ha ...

Raffaello Cupcakes

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Raffaello cupcakes originated from adding Raffaello pralines to the cupcake frosting.  They are expressively overflowing with almonds, coconut, and bound to soft moist cake.  For these delectables, the oven is preheated for propper baking.  When the cupcakes are out and cooled down, the nutella whip is flavorful and serves as a scaffold for coconuts and decorated with Raffaello pralines!   OMG....does that sound super delicious???!!!Source Bite Delite

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